Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lookin' Good on the Road

Ted greets Natalie upon arriving at the salon

As Day 12’s route took Ted through downtown Redmond, he decided to stop in at Shear Madness for a haircut. Our friend Natalie Roberts graciously opened her salon on her day off to keep Ted “lookin’ good on the road”. After this brief repose, Ted was back on the road, headed to Prineville.

Ted saw our friend Ben Mallery while in route to Prineville. Ben pulled over for a visit and this gave Ted another break. We decided to once again try the “lunch drop”. Later that afternoon when I went to pick up Ted I first stopped at the “lunch drop” site to pick up the cooler and chair and they were gone! The Starbucks bag with a water and half a PowerAde were still there.

We were disappointed that this happened, and especially disappointed that it happened so close to home. While not giving up on the idea, we will be more cautious about putting the cooler and chair out of sight. My only hope is that whoever took it was in need, not just mischievous. So here’s to being more careful on the road on Day 12 of the Walk Across Oregon.

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