Say No to 55 M.P.H.

“After receiving a speeding ticket while working for the U.S. Census in the spring of 2009, I started driving with my cruise control set on 55 mph or just above while traveling roads such as Highway 26 over Mount Hood.  I would soon have 4-5 cars stacked up behind me. The cars would then attempt to pass in dangerous areas becoming much more of a hazard than a fast moving automobile.”

“Speed is not the problem. I lived for 25 years in Germany and drove the Autobahns which have no speed limit. They were safer than our highways because the drivers were consistent and would only get in the left lane to pass. We need to enforce driving in the left lane for passing only and also no driving distractions (Cell phones, texting, etc.) and not worry about 55 mph. A consistent enforcement of these two rules plus a 65 mph speed limit would make our roads safer and our traffic flow smoother.”

“Family members and friends have all received speeding tickets recently for 55-65 mph speeds, so the Basic Rule Law of Oregon is not always considered.”

“World wide I have seen drivers blink their lights at oncoming cars when they have seen a policeman up ahead monitoring speed limits. We elect officials to make laws to keep us safe and then we in turn circumvent the law to warn motorists we don’t even know to prevent these laws from being enforced.”

“Congress repealed the National Maximum Speed Limit in 1995. Oregon has taken no action since this time on its Limited Access Roads. All neighboring states have changed their limits on Limited Access Roads since 1995:”

                       California 70 mph, 01/1996
                        Idaho 65 mph, 05/1995
                        Nevada 70 mph, 12/1995
                        Washington 60 mph, 03/1996

“Oregon is one of only five states with a 55 mph speed limit on their Limited Access Roads. Other states are: New Hampshire 55 mph, Rhode Island 55 mph, Ohio 55 mph and Vermont 50 mph. Oregon by far has the least vehicle miles driven and has the least population density of these states.”

A majority of Oregon’s Limited Access Roads were built for 70 mph.”

“If you agree with “Say No to 55 M.P.H.” then contact your local congressperson.”