Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our Backyard, the South Santiam

Our backyard, the South Santiam

Ted at the cottages after a long day
Back in the winter when we were scouting a bit of the route, we became a bit perplexed. Where would we stay between Sweet Home and Camp Sherman, a distance of over 50 miles? There are no towns, only the tiny village of Cascadia. About that time we looked up and saw a sign for South Santiam Cottages. Ted put on the brakes, whipped the car around and we stopped to take a look. When we saw the cottages, we knew they would be perfect. A small kitchenette, Wi-Fi, but the best thing, your backyard was the South Santiam River. Just beyond the balcony was this magnificent river, flowing past you as it makes its way to the Willamette.

Even the WAO Sag Wagon takes a break!
The cottages provided just the reprieve we needed. I have described myself as the WAO Sag Wagon driver but another description that is certainly applicable is “porter”. Packing up the car, driving to the next location, and unloading. So for three days, Days 7, 8, and 9, this description didn’t fit. Yahoo for a reprieve at the South Santiam Cottages and a big thanks to our hosts, Sam and Claire Henthorne.

A beautiful covered bridge near the cottages

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