About the Walk

“Walk Across Oregon” Basic Route

Newport Hwy 20 to Corvallis & I-5
Corvallis/I-5 Hwy 34 to Lebanon
Lebanon Hwy 20 to Sweet Home to Sisters via Tombstone Pass
Sisters Hwy 126 to Redmond to Prineville
Prineville Hwy 26 to Mitchell, John Day, Prairie City, Vale and Ontario
Ontario Hwy 201 to Snake River

The Schedule

Mon, 5/3 The Whaler Hotel, 155 SW Elizabeth St, Newport - 541-265-9261
Tue, 5/4 START WALK, “Toe in the Ocean”, Near the Whaler Hotel, Newport. Estimated start time - 8:00 AM.  Stay at the Yaquina Bay Hotel, 160 N Main, Toledo – 541-336-2830
Wed, 5/5 Yaquina Bay Hotel, Toledo
Thu, 5/6 Bob & Diana Nance’s house, Corvallis
Fri, 5/7 Steve Anne Wulff’s house, Albany
Sat, 5/8 Walk AM, Drive to Portland PM
Sun, 5/9 Portland for Mother’s Day with Mom, then home to Crooked River Ranch – 541-604-4054
Mon, 5/10 Central Oregon Senior Golf, Crooked River Ranch
Tue, 5/11 Golf, Crooked River Ranch, Lions Club Meeting
Wed, 5/12 South Santiam Cottages, 45501 Santiam Hwy, Near Foster – 541-367-6007
Thu, 5/13 South Santiam Cottages, Foster
Fri, 5/14 South Santiam Cottages, Foster
Sat, 5/15 Black Butte Motel, Camp Sherman, 25635 SW Forest Service Rd 1419 - 541-595-6514
Sun, 5/16 Home, Crooked River Ranch (Should get to Sisters about here)
Mon, 5/17 Home, CRR
Tue, 5/18 Home, CRR (To Redmond!)
Wed, 5/19 Home, CRR (To Prineville!)
Thu, 5/20 Home, CRR
Fri, 5/21 Home, CRR
Sat, 5/22 Sky Hook Motel, Mitchell – 541-462-3569
Sun, 5/23 Sky Hook Motel, Mitchell
Mon, 5/24 Lands End B& B, near Kimberly – 541-934-2333
Tue, 5/25 Inn at Juniper Ridge, North of Mt Vernon – 541-792-0078
Wed, 5/26 Inn at Juniper Ridge, North of Mt Vernon
Thu, 5/27 John Day Best Western, 315 West Main St. – 541-575-1700
Fri, 5/28 The Hotel Prairie, 112 Front St., Prairie City – 541-820-4800
Sat, 5/29 Riverside School House B & B, South of Prairie City – 541-820-4731
Sun, 5/30 Riverside School House B & B, South of Prairie City
Mon, 5/31 Unity Motel & Trailer Park, Unity – 541-446-3636
Tue, 6/1 Unity Motel & Trailer Park, Unity
Wed, 6/2 Brogan RV Park and Cabins – 541-473-9494
Thu, 6/3 Vale (The rest of the Dates & Places depends on speed ups, slow downs
Fri, 6/4 Vale and fall downs!)
Sat, 6/5 Vale
Sun, 6/6 Home, Crooked River Ranch
Mon, 6/7 Home, Central Oregon Senior Golf, Madras
Tue, 6/8 Home, Lions Club Meeting
Wed, 6/9 Ontario
Thu, 6/10 Ontario
Fri, 6/11 Ontario (END WALK “Toe in Snake River”) Hopefully!!


  1. You should set up a Facebook fan/cause/group page - look what it did for Betty White and SNL - I love your idea and couldn't agree more!!

  2. Uncle Ted, You rock! I'm going to see if I can meet you in Ontario. I wish I walked with you.
    Love, Jason