Friday, May 14, 2010

An Evening of Reunion(s)

Bob and Dianna in their beautiful Corvallis home

After the “Beaver Tour” we arrived at the home of Bob and Dianna Nance, where we would spend the evening. Bob and Dianna were friends from Heidelberg, Germany, where we all worked together for the Department of Defense Dependents Schools, Bob at the elementary, Dianna at the District Superintendent’s Office, me at the high school, and Ted at the middle school in the neighboring town. While we did reminisce about our time overseas, more often our conversation turned to the excitement of being home and anticipation of good times in the years to come.

Ted with Squirrel
After a shower and rest, Bob and Dianna took us to dinner at Squirrels. We were thrilled when they suggested this restaurant; as a matter of fact we had planned to have lunch there the following day. You see, 30 years ago Ted worked as a bartender at Squirrels. Ted asked if the owner, Greg Little, a.k.a Squirrel, was still there. Bob said yes he was. After ordering drinks Ted said, “I want to go say hello to Squirrel, I wonder if he will remember me?” When Squirrel saw Ted he reached out his hand and said, “How are you Ted?”, as if the years had never passed.

Fueling up at the Nance's
So it was an evening of reunion, one planned and one a surprise. That night I had the best sleep of the trip and awoke totally refreshed. Then next morning Dianna prepared what I describe as a wonderful Oregon breakfast, omelets with fresh herbs from the garden, hazelnut* cinnamon toast, Marion berry scones, lattes and more. We were fueled up and ready to go for Day 4. Thanks for your hospitality Bob and Dianna, we had a wonderful time.

* Oregon is the third largest grower of hazelnuts, behind Turkey and Italy.

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