Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Get By With a Little Help from My Friends

Ted and Ange on Day 3

The start of Day 3 was not so great. Every bone in Ted’s body hurt. In addition, he had the misfortune of pulling a calf muscle at the end of Day 2 when he stepped down an incline to take a picture. Doubts had started to creep in and the proverbial question, Why and I doing this?” popped into his mind.

But soon his luck would change. Just after mile two, the WAO Sag Wagon pulled off the road and out jumped Ange Sobiegraj. Ange was a college friend of Ted’s who he hadn’t seen in five years. In addition, Ange is an endurance athlete herself with over 21 marathons under her belt. She was just the shot in the arm that Ted needed at this point in the walk.

With an understanding that endurance activities become as much mental as they are physical, and at times you just have to work through the pain, Ange gave Ted the encouragement and advice he needed to be able to “keep on keepin’ on”. She walked 14 miles with him that day, he walked 20. And I’m quite sure for Ted, now, there is no turning back.

Thanks Ange. It was great meeting you on the road from Burnt Woods on Day 3.

“I get by with a little help from my friends
I’m gonna try with a little help from my friends
With a little help from my friends, with a little help from my friends…”
Written by Lennon and McCartney for their friend Ringo Starr

Approaching Blodgett

At the Blodgett Country Store

Mid-way on Day 3

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  1. Hi Ted and Phyllis,

    I surely miss the opportunity to share this journey with you both. It reminds me of so many wonderful adventures and training for treks in Nepal, etc. I am so impressed with your diligence, planning and early morning rising every day! Go Ted!! I know you have made a friend everywhere you turn!

    Phyllis! You should write a book, continuing article, etc. You definitely have the gift. I feel as though I am right there looking at the beautiful scenery, nature in spring, and into the spirit and soul of the walk. Thank you for such inspiration and you have definitely joined the techie generation. Can't wait for our upcoming reunion!

    Ya-Ya Mary