Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Ted at the summit of Tombstone Pass

Day 8 for Ted was, for the most part, an uphill climb and the highlight of his day was summiting Tombstone Pass at 4,235 feet at 1:45 in the afternoon. Then a treat, the rest of the day was downhill. I felt the desire to experience the beauty of the area in a more intense way, not just from behind the wheel of the car. With many trails in the area, I did several side hikes as Ted made his way up and over Tombstone Pass.

Words are inadequate to describe the beauty that we saw that day, both in our own ways. The intensity of the green, the clearness of the streams, the warmth and the coolness of the air that hit you almost simultaneously, the clean fresh smells, almost sensory overload. Instead I choose to let my pictures do the talking. As you scroll below, I hope you enjoy the beauty of the South Santiam and our Willamette National Forest.

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