Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh Happy Day

Ted finishing Day 6 at Foster Reservoir

When Ted set out at 7:30 on the morning of Day 6, he indeed thought that it was a happy day. The sky was blue, the temperature mild, the birds were singing. But when he walked into Sweet Home, he momentarily thought his fate was about to change. A policeman pulled over in front of him, parked, and then got out of his car. Ted thought to himself, “Oh no, he’s going to tell me I can’t walk on the highway.” Instead the policeman said, “Hey, saw the newspaper article about you. Great job on your walk and I agree with your cause.”

Ted’s gait picked up instantly as he headed to the nearest Thriftway to find a paper. Jennifer Moody’s article was on the front page of the Local Section of the Albany Democrat- Herald, complete with a color picture of Ted and picture of the WAO rock as well. Ted was so excited that he read the article in its entirety right there in the middle of the Thriftway.

We enjoyed a great brunch at Lorene’s in Sweet Home. And it was there that I heard muted whispers, “That’s him, that’s the guy that’s walking across Oregon.” Ted’s 15 minutes of fame had begun. Later a bike rider whizzed by Ted as he made his way thought Sweet Home and said, “Saw your article. Way to go.” And finally a young couple stopped and gave Ted two bananas. They had seen him reading the article in the Thriftway. They wished Ted good luck and told him the “bananas will help.”

For a small town, Sweet Home is a long town, stretching out for over five miles. Today, most of the stretch was lined with iris, just bursting into bloom. Ted’s walk ended at the beautiful Foster Reservoir, just outside of Sweet Home. Thanks for the great welcome Sweet Home.

On this day we thought of our mothers and the depth of a mother’s love. We originally intended to be in Portland with Ted’s mother Barbara. Instead she decided to make the trip to D.C. to meet her brand new great granddaughter, Isobel. We were so pleased she made the trip. Four generations together on Mother’s Day. What could be better? Happy day. Happy Mother’s Day

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