Monday, May 3, 2010

Old Friends, New Friends, Friends Along the Way

With dear friend and long-time hiking buddy Laura at Gray Butte
Laura will join us near Prarie City

In less than 24 hours Ted will begin his 456 mile trek across Oregon by putting his toe in the water at Newport. As Ted makes his way across the state, he is looking forward to all that he will see and experience on the journey. He is especially excited about being joined by friends for a mile or two (or five or 15). He will renew old friendships and meet new friends along the way.

We are especially honored to be welcomed to Newport by members of the Waldport and Yahats Volksmarch Clubs who will accompany Ted on the first few miles of the trek.

Several of Ted’s college friends plan on walking with him or hosting us for an evening's reprieve. Friends we taught with overseas, new friends from Crooked River Ranch, and family will join as we make our way.

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