Thursday, May 20, 2010

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Ted with Ann on the road to Lebanon

Ann and Phyllis waiting to cross the I-5 access road

The next day, Day 5 of the walk, Ann and I joined Ted at the start. I walked a mile and then turned back to get the WAO Sag Wagon. Ann walked a few miles further with Ted. I wish we could have had a nicer place to start the walk that day. The overpass over I-5 is not my idea of pretty. But once we got over I-5 traffic on Hwy 34 subsided and before us lie the fertile fields of the Willamette Valley.

After Ann left, Ted was on his own headed toward Lebanon. Lebanon, a town of around 15,000, is home of the world’s Largest Strawberry Shortcake. The giant shortcake a part of the town’s yearly Strawberry Festival, which began in 1909. Unfortunately we came about a month too early and missed the festival. Lebanon has a nice downtown with many local businesses, which always make me happy.

Ted ended his day between Lebanon and Sweet Home. We had a great dinner at the Point Restaurant across from the beautiful Foster Reservoir. A great ending to a nice day.

Beautiful Foster Resivour, our dinner view

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